Monday, April 15, 2013


the past few days I have noticed that my cuckoo clock is starting to sound a little funny.  Maybe the poor guy is tired of singing by himself for the past 25 years.  I love the clock that my husband bought me many years ago and I pray that it just needs a cleaning. 

When we lived in a larger house we always had two cuckoo clocks.  It is definitely something from my childhood.  My Mom had a clock in the dining room but it never kept good time so it was more of a decoration.  I loved that clock.

I think I was determined to have a working clock in my house as a wife and mother.  It is funny the things we pick up from our upbringing. 

I wonder if I brought it others to sing with my cuckoo if that would cheer him up and he would sing happily again.  Maybe we could even bring in a band complete with a guitar pedal board, to give the little guy a boost. 

Where would I even start to look for other cuckoos?  Oh my word, why did I even start this post?  I have tons of cuckoos in my life and most certainly don't need anymore. 

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