Saturday, March 16, 2013

Turn it down!

The other day at work I had to use the church vehicle.  Now Bertha drives this car 90% of the time.  I knew that I would have to make seat adjustments immediately.  I get in the car and proceed with moving the seat forward and the back of the seat up.  Then I turned the key.  Oh my goodness I almost wet myself. 

She had the music tuned into a country station and it was blaring, I though maybe she had a markbass at music123 installed while she had the car.   I almost jumped out of the car because I don't drive it often it took me a few seconds to find the controls to turn it down.  Now it did not help the situation that the wipers were also left on in the high position.  Talk about sensory overload. 

I am just very thankful that the parking lot was not full of kids and or members because that would have made me the entertainment of the day. 

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