Saturday, March 23, 2013


The other day Dante noticed that we have a leak in the basement.  Now this might be a point of extreme stress if we still owned our own home.  In the this case,  however,  I just tried to pinpoint the problem and told him to make a phone call.  A phone call that will not cost us a single penny.  Ahhhhh the joys of renting. 

Seriously folks, owing your own home is one of the most overrated misconceptions in the United States today.  I love renting and cannot think of a single (no exaggeration) time in the past four years in which I have missed home ownership. 

I don't have to lose sleep over leaking pipes, cutting grass, shoveling snow, or even replacement windows hampton. I am free I tell you, free. I don't have to worry about the unexpected expense of a broken hot water heater, or the surprise tax bill. Now I do understand that I pay taxes that are included in my rent but I don't have to worry about a $1,000 rent increase as could be the case with a tax bill. 

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