Sunday, February 17, 2013


It has taken me many years to understand what I need and want in a friend.

I need someone who is going to put me in my place when necessary.  Someone who loves me enough to disagree with me yet doesn't allow conflicting opinions to destroy friendships. 

I am also mature enough at this point to understand that while I consider some people to be my "best friends" it does not mean that I am theirs. 

I had a lady that worked with me for three years.  She was much younger than I but I truly viewed her as my peer and more than that, as my mentor.  This person quit her job a few months ago to have a baby and I must confess that I am missing her so much it hurts. 

She was the person that was a very calming factor in my life.  She told me when I was wrong, when I was ridiculous, and when I was being a total jerk.  She loved me enough to put our friendship in jeopardy in order to make me a better person. I know that this friend is still there for me,  but I am high maintance and hope to find someone who can handle me on a daily basis.  .

Over the years, now that I look back, I have had a few of these friends.  These are also the people that I have kept in contact with for the past 26 years. 


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