Saturday, January 05, 2013

Short week

It is hard to believe that the New Year (and the vacation that came with it) was only four days ago.  This week I had to work Wednesday - Friday but I must confess that it felt like I worked a 60 hour week. 

Friday was my buziest and I had planned ahead and wore jeans to work.  Fridays are my dirty days.  The day that I fix vacuum cleaners (because they plug or break them once a week), fill the vehicles with gas (try doing that task in a skirt), 50 miles worth of errands, and other lovely tasks. 

My biggest complaint is the errands.  It is so cold (Friday was some where around the zero mark).  The only vechicle availabe was a huge cargo van, and driving that around is a task all on its own.  Plus it takes forever to heat that thing and only seconds to cool it off.  It is times like these that I wish I had received Sierus Heat Touch Gloves for Christmas. 

Pumping gas, even in pants, is always fun especially when the tank is huge and takes over a $100 worth of gas.  Have you notice how much slower the pumps run.  It is their way of making you feel like you are getting a better value.  If you stand there for several minutes filling your vehicle you drive away happy, if it only takes a few seconds for you to drop $100 you feel very differently.  Believe me when it is zero and it is somone else's money, I would just prefer that the pumps went as fast as possible. 

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