Sunday, January 13, 2013

I might as well embrace it!

I am getting old. 

I really have to start facing that fact.  I am 43 years old and things are starting to take place that are just life.  I feel badly for Dante because if he thought I was a moody, grumpy, hot tempered woman before, he ain't seen nothing yet. 

I hope that Obamacare takes effect soon because I desperately need one of those old people tubs where you walk in, close the door, and fill the tub to your neck.  What?  That won't be free. 

Anyway back to reality.  Dante and I were trying to analyze my attacks.  I have talked about these before.  They usually start moments after eating but can also start hours later.  They are extreme pressure at the top of my stomach area (under the ladies) and eventually move back an forth between there and my back.  I have kept journals over the years and there is absolutely no rhyme or reason.  Types of food are not a trigger nor is stress.  For a while I thought that time of the month might be related but have not been able to see a trend there either.  

What helps the attacks has changed so many times over the years it is mind boggling.   For a while Cola Syrup helped, then sugary drinks, then Pepcid, then believe it or not Bit o Honey worked.  I have tried so many random things.  Right now the only thing that seems to help is a heating pad and I think I have run the course with this treatment.  Right now as I type this I am going on 24 hours with this attack.  This is one of the longest by far.  Usually it will break around three or four in the morning.  Last night it didn't break.

I have had these attacks two to three times a month for over fourteen years.  I went to the doctor and had an ultra sound and they ruled out a bunch of different things and wanted me to come back during an attack.  Because they usually happened around six o'clock or later and were gone by morning, I just didn't think they were emergency room material. 

Now I don't have insurance so that is how I have ended up dealing with it.  The only thing about these attacks that is the same is the location and type of pain, they come in clusters, and they make me miserable. 

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