Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cold in more ways than one!

One day last week I had to make a run to the local grocery store early in the morning for a few items for work.  The temps were in the single digits with wind chill in the negative numbers.  

After loading my items in the van, I turned and look for a cart coral.  I started running (Oh did I mention that I was wearing a skirt) and noticed a police car coming down my isle.  I just assumed that he was going to let me go, I mean it was freezing out there.  All the sudden I see his hand fly up and give me a stop sign.  I naturally assumed that his had was waving because give me a break it is freezing and I am a pedistrian right? 

It was then that I noticed he was not slowing down at all.  Now don't misunderstand this, he was not driving fast or in a rush.  It was just normal speed.  I pulled up quickly and stopped and he drove on by, he didn't even attempt to slow down.  As he drove by I noticed that he was HUGE.   Here to serve and protect. 

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