Thursday, December 27, 2012

drown out the world

A few months ago I received a new computer at work.  My old computer was ancient and didn't have a headphone jack on the front, the only jack was in the back of the computer.  This was a problem for me because my computer is under my desk, all the way to the back, in order to make the mouse and keyboard cables long enough.  Because most headphones only have a short cable I was not able to take advantage of using headphones. 

My new computer has a jack on the front so I have had my ear buds plugged in at work.  My problem is that the ear buds don't drown out the world like a nice set of headphone would.  My other issue is that I forget about them and stand up and try to walk around.  Bad idea. 

Now if I had the hosa cables and an extremely nice (expensive) set of headphones I am sure that I could reach my goal, and not rip my head off doing it. 

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