Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dante's Favorite Gift

Dante had asked for a neon lamp for Christmas.  Now he remembered several years ago when we purchased them from a novelty company and they were very inexpensive.  This is no longer the case.  Cal and I searched several sites and finally found him the perfect one.

Cal was very involved in soccer this year and that is what he chose for the gift.  It is a cute little soccer player. 

I am very impressed with the quality and Dante chose to place it in the stock room.  The only thing that had me a little concerned is that the base of the lamp does not seem to have much weight.  It needs something.  I was brainstorming and I thought that maybe if I could find neck pillow specials that would be something that I could use.  Dante thought I was a little insane but hey, I was trying to think outside the box. 

It also have an adaptor to mount the unit on the wall.  We don't really have many walls in the basement so we will have to do some more brainstorming. 

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