Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pie in the Sky Christmas

Each Christmas I sit down and make a list of things that I think I want.  Then if after several months of being on the list if I still want the item then I will start to consider a way to actually make the purchase.

For several years I have had a fish tank on that last.  Oddly enough it always seems to be on the list but I know the work involved with maintaining said tank will take all the fun right out of it so it will remain on the list.

This year I have added a few new things.  One is an electric fireplace.  I found one that is a corner unit and also serves as a TV stand.  The problem is Dante is totally against the idea.  I understand why but it will remain on my list nevertheless.

The second newly added item is a new TV.  Our has been acting strange.  The problem with the TV is that it would consume all the money that I had earmarked for Christmas.  Black Friday deals are pretty good but I have a feeling it will remain on the list.   

In years past, when we owned our own house and had the room, a spa was always on the list.  Several times Dante and I actually started the process of making that purchase but wiser heads always prevailed.  Now my friend has a spa so anytime I want to use it I can just invite myself to her house.  Not that that has ever happened.  The upkeep is probably out of my comfort zone. 

I know that they keep theirs running all winter.  I wonder if that is what rheem heat pumps are for?  It sounds pretty cool but I don't think getting in and out of the spa is that attractive to me. 

I have some other smaller items on the list but I don't want them badly enough to make the sacrifice. 

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