Sunday, November 25, 2012

I just can't decide

There are two gifts that I have been thinking about putting on my Christmas list.  I just cannot decide if they are worth the money. 

The first is a Kindle.  I love to read but can't decide whether a Kindle at $150 is a good choice.  That money could purchase a truckload of books.

The next thing is a blu ray player. The down side to the blu ray is that we have so many DVD's it just doesn't seem smart to try have to replace all of those to blu ray.    I am sure that if I ever saw a movie in blu ray I would probably be hooked.  I guess lucky for me I don't know anyone with a blu ray player.

I know the players are usually very inexpensive and I am sure that we will eventually make the switch.


wRitErsbLock said...

I love my Nook. LOVE IT! I have the most basic model, black/white, no touch screen. It can connect to the internet, but I see no value in it.

It fits in my purse. It's loaded with books. I can read anywhere. It's relatively light (which is nice when, say, you're reading a 1,000 page book and don't have to hold that heavy thing).

Hubby hasn't used his Nook since he got his iPad. But for me, I'm hooked on my Nook. I don't like reading on my iPad because it's too bright and gives me a head ache.

Of course, the Nook I have is not lit at all, so that means my reading light has to be on in bed, whereas he can read easily on his iPad. (which is way heavier than my Nook, btw, see above about my love of light reading!)

trendsworld said...

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