Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I just can't win

Yesterday when I arrived home from work, at 4:30, and the house was a balmy 92 degrees, I went to work on the hubby. I tried to be nice and frankly I think I did a good job. I convinced (I think - you never know with him - but that is for another story) him to try to keep the house at 79 degrees. Close all the windows and set the air conditioner at 79 and let it rip.

In an attempt to get the process started I set the AC at 69 and sat in the chair with a huge grin on my face. I had won the battle and he was going to see how easy and comfortable it would be to leave the AC on 24/7 and have it keep a steady temp.

At 10:00 (after Deadliest Catch) we decide to go to bed. The hubby wanted to turn the AC off because he thought the overnight air would cool the house down. I flipped my noodle. I thought I had him convinced, see the first paragraph. NO! we are going to leave it on 24/7 and just let it keep a steady temp.

This morning we wake to a house that is 79 degrees. That is 10 degrees for the set temp and while it is what I originally desired I can see that 79 is NOT comfortable. This stupid AC ran for over 12 hours and it still did not reach the set temp. What a waste of money! I asked the hubby to call the "office" today and complain. That won't happen and I know it. I will have to find the number myself.

As I sit here typing this all the windows are open and we are trying to bring in some of the cooler (cooler than 79 degrees) air from outside. If our electric bill goes up this month (even a penny) I will have this entire episode thrown in my face.

Honestly I just can't win. I will try to convince the hubby I am right about something for days, weeks, and even sometimes years, only to have things beyond my control interfere with the results. I still think I am right, you set the temp on the AC and leave it letting the AC keep the desired temp. You don't wait until it gets so hot you cannot stand it and then turn the AC on to cool it down. We will never know because I will NEVER be allowed to attempt this again.


-Jason said...

I keep the house at 72 during the day and 74 at night. Any hotter and I'll burn up.

wRitErsbLock said...

your a/c can't handle dropping the temp from 98 down to 69. You need to step it down more gradually than that. No a/c can handle that kind of stress. Drop it to 90, then 85, then 80, and so on. Or you'll end up damaging your a/c system, and that's a ridiculously expensive repair (for your landlord, but still).

If it truly is cooler at night, then that's the time to start dropping the thermostat.