Monday, October 22, 2007

There are days when I want to ......

reach through the Internet and rip someones head off. We have a store selling Electronic Components. I just had a guy email me and ask if he can have a discount on an item if he purchases 5 pieces. As with every offer that we receive, I do research. How much do I own it for? How long have I had the part? and whatever else I can think of. I try to accept every offer as long as it is reasonable. This one was a no brainer. The part is worth $1.25. That is a $6.25 order and he wants a discount? Plus he wants it shipped to Canada which requires no less than 15 minutes of additional paperwork. (customs forms, and what not)

My husband usually does not allow me to respond to customers because I am not always the "nicest" person to someone who is a total idiot.

I tried to be polite but.... come on. A $6.25 order and you want a discount.

Oh it gets better. I just received an offer from another idiot. He wants $39.85 worth of parts and he is "willing" to give me $16.00 for them. How generous. This guy wants to buy two and get three free. Wow that is some kinda deal.

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Mrs. Who said...

This is why I don't run my own business...I would run all the customers off telling them what-for.