Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No more TV for you.

So we are sitting here watching TV. And my son asks “so how do you get someone pregnant.” I immediately tell him that he has to ask his father. His father starts to tell him. I about died. This is not something he needs to know right now. So I start talking about the commercial on TV. It is for Long John Silvers. CAL listens and when the commercial is over he asks the question again. The next commercial is for tampons. I said “tampons now let’s talk about tampons. I would rather talk about tampons than what we are talking about now.” My husband laughed and then gave CAL an abbreviated talk.

We really have to turn the TV off. We are watching REBA and they are talking about a vasectomy, and now he wants to know about that. Usually we can watch TV and he does not question any commercials or “other questionable material”. He is just growing up way to fast.


Mrs. Who said...

Just be sure what they're asking...my five year old son asked me once 'How does a woman first know she's a woman?'. I about choked...but I questioned him carefully, and he wanted to know about the FIRST woman...Eve.

Lukie said...

Yes I agree. In the past he has asked questions and I thought the worst and then it ends up being more innocent than it first appeared. This time it was not innocent. What do I expect he is 10. Most kids his age know more about sex than I do. I will have to let him know sometime soon because I don't want him learning it from another 10 year old. But last night was not the night. Thank God for the tampon commercial. The said part is that even the mild shows like REBA have very adult issues.

Lukie said...

The SAD part not said. My great proofreading abilities are showing.

pamibe said...

"I would rather talk about tampons than what we are talking about now.."

ROFL! You poor woman. If tampon talks are preferable to the alternate, then things are bad. ;)

Thank goodness I never had to have 'the talk'. Ack!