Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A little FDS and all is well

Earlier today my son, while playing wiffle ball, was "attacked" by one of my rose bushes. It is a climber so once it was attached it would not let go. He has a few cuts on his leg.

Tonight when I asked him to do his homework suddenly these cuts were so painful that he just could not focus or function. He is such a drama queen. He is yelling at me about how much they hurt and if I will spray something on them he would be ok. We usually have bactine in the house but of course I could not find any.

The only thing I could find was FDS. It was in a spray can just like the bactine. I thought "hey if it is gentle enough to spray "there" then it certainly will be gentle enough for a couple scrapes/cuts.

I spray it on. He gets this look of relief on his face and says "ohhh that feels good" and that is the last I heard about the cuts.


Butterfly Wife said...

That is hysterical!! And I bet he smelled "fresh" too. That really is priceless. :D

wRitErsbLock said...

ahh... now I get the joke
I didn't know what FDS was until I ready butterfly's comment.