Monday, October 01, 2007

Jack of all trades!

Another hat that I wear at my son’s school is co-creator of the annual yearbook. Last year was my first year of dealing with all the details.

I took about 50% of the pictures with my Sony Cyber-Shot camera. (which is so old that you cannot even buy the camera anymore.) I must have taken about 500 to 600 pictures with it. As we all know, one of the main issues with digital cameras is the fact that they are hard to keep focused. The cameras are still trying to focus while you are taking the picture and then your picture if ruined. My big problem was the fact that I was taking most of the pictures under the florescent lighting and you didn’t always realize that the picture was blurry until you tried to use it in the yearbook. My Sony did quite well. It did much better than the schools camera. Almost all the pictures taken with the school camera had to be retaken.

I have been trying to get the school to upgrade their camera. If I have my way they will purchase the Nikon D40X. This camera was recommended to me and I think that it would solve all my problems. It is fairly expensive but with the money that we make at the school store I think they should purchase it. They don’t always do what I want. What nerve.

Personally I would love the own the Nikon D40X for myself. I am sure it has more whistles and bells than I would ever use, but……

One thing that I will probably never use my camera for is scrap booking. I just don't understand that hobby. I would rather go to Walmart and make a photo book. I will not need any scrapbook page ideas. I do use my camera for everything else. I use it on vacations, day trips, videos, and of course the yearbook.

I think the next time I purchase a camera, I am going to use Ritz Camera. They are very knowledgeable. I have looked at cameras in BB stores and the sales people cannot answer your questions. They don't have a clue. At Ritz Camera they can answer almost any question that you have. I highly recommend them.


wRitErsbLock said...

I like to scrapbook... when I have time... which I never have.

sherlock is shopping cameras right now. That's going to be his next big purchase, I think.

arcanai said...

my sister's a cropper. i don't see how she makes time for it. i would never have the patience. as for ritz though, i love that store. i prefer to get my dig pix printed there. somehow they always seem so much more vibrant than any of the other stores.