Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How is your day going?

This is mine:

We have our own business selling electronic components. We have been in business 18 years. The last couple have been very pathetic and very stressful.

Three years ago we decided to start selling on eBay. It is for the most part very profitable and rewarding. Then there are days like today.

We just received a "message" from a customer. It follows: Hello. We received this part; however, it is not the correct size. This part is too large. Could you issue an rma so we can return it for credit. Thank you.

I immediately start to panic because we had a large order go out the other day for what I thought was this number. I check the eBay listing because each listing describes the part in DETAIL and even provides a pictures and most of the time the picture even contains a ruler for size reference. Yep the ruler is there and the part is what we call an 8 pin dip. In this industry and 8 pin dip is an 8 pin dip. No SIZE. The size is the 8 pin dip. The idiot probably needed a surface mount part which is a whole different animal and you can definitely tell by the picture and the part number (suffix on the part number tells you the package) that this is a 8 pin dip. Occasionally there are exceptions but this is not the case with this part.

Now for the best part: The order was for 1 piece of a $1.25 part. Yes you read that right. A $1.25 order and he wants me to issue him a RMA.


wRitErsbLock said...

I hope you said No.

Lukie said...

Silly girl... That is not "my" decision. I am only an employee. I don't get to make "customer service" decisions. Apparently I am to "harsh"