Monday, October 15, 2007

Coupons, Coupons, I love Coupons.

I love coupons. I buy the Sunday papers just for the coupons. I get my scissors and cut them out and then NEVER use them. They are in my kitchen junk drawer. I just can not remember to take them when I go to the store. I would probably save my family $50 a month if I would just use the coupons that I cut out.

There is a new site called NCNatural that offers Free Coupons online. No cutting, no remembering, just quick and easy. The site is update daily with new offers from hundreds of stores. NCNatural is so easy to use and you can locate the coupons you need quickly and with ease. When you visit the site you will save money using these coupons. Another advantage of the site is that most of the stores will pay a referral fee. It is a win win situation

One of the things that I go through like water is ink cartridges. We print color fliers to stick in our boxes that we ship out. 123 Inkjets coupons offer free shipping, 20% off your order, or even $50 off your order.

Another store that I noticed was Kohl’s. Kohl’s is a new store to my town. It has been here for a year or so. I love the store and have a very difficult time walking out without spending less than $200. If I had the Kohls coupon for 15% off that would save me a chunk of change.

Once again I will blog about Old Navy coupons. If I have a store locally, I won’t check online. I would rather shop in the store. Old Navy is an exception. Their clearance section makes shopping online worth it. I have seen items in the store at $29.50 and then purchased it online for $15.00. Go to the store, try in on to make sure it fits properly, and then come home and purchase it for a discounted price online.

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arcanai said...

i heart kohls. it was almost a dealbreaker with moving back to florida because there wasn't one in this area but they just had a grand opening on one our first week here (talk about the stars aligning). of course, i won't get much use out of it for about a season because i generally only shop their clearance racks and when i have at least a 15% coupon. they have the greatest clearance sections but not in a brand new store.