Monday, October 08, 2007

Are you working today?

We are but in our PJ's. With the post office and bank closed we have no reason to go out. Therefore, we will be working in our PJ's the entire day. UPS comes in the afternoon but he won't care. How about you? Are you working? Are you busy if you are?


wRitErsbLock said...

I'm working. Rather, I'm at work but not accomplishing much. Big surprise.

Thanks for mentioning the post office is closed.

The court house was open, as I ran down there at lunch time.

School tonight. And public schools are in session today. I'm assuming CAL is off since he blogged.

Teresa said...

Oh hell yeah... I work all the time and today seems to be a fantastically f*&^ingly annoying day. Several things have happened that make me want to start screaming. (guess I could as I work at home and no one would hear me...)

I hope your day is going ever so much better than mine.

AmandaDufau said...

I am at work, but like WB, not accomplishing much. Fortunately, it's 3:09, and I'm out of here in an hour and 21 minutes.
No, I'm not counting. Why do you ask? ;-)

vw bug said...

Do I ever stop? UGH... what a pain... I like the idea of hanging around in my pjs!

arcanai said...

now that i'm fully remote, i get to work in my pj's every day. i find that to be a big job perk. the beauty of today is that there are no banks open so i can actually get work done without more work piling up. i love bankless days.

wRitErsbLock said...

now I'm at school.

wow, what a great "holiday."