Friday, March 14, 2014

Computer Work

Saturday mornings are my computer work days.  I am usually on this silly thing for seven to eight hours catching up on all the business things that I didn't get done during the weeks because of my "real job".  Lately the computer related items seem to suck away half a day before I even realize it.

There is so much to do to make an item that we sell called "cap kits".  I am working in Excel, Publisher, and Word (not to mention the online time) for hours for just one kit.  At the present time we carry over 85 different kits.  Each kit takes me about a hour to two hours to design, after that the time it takes to maintain the kit is minimal, UNLESS we have to make a change.

We just decided the other day to make a change to the paperwork that we include with the kits.  Yes this means modifying 85+ different kits.  The printing of the labels, each time we sell a kit, is also time consuming.  There are days that I wonder if it would be easier to just have a printer print file folders for us. Maybe after we are confident of no additional changes?

Sunday, March 09, 2014


One day in a rare moment of boredom, I decided to download a game app for Candy Crush on my Kindle.  What in the world was I thinking?  Now I not only have it on my Kindle but also on my phone.  Bertha even tried to show me how to bypass the "timeout" that the game gives you.  I have not gone that far (and hope I don't ever stoop that low) but I seem to be spending way to much time on that silly thing.

I am pathetic though because,  I am on level 23 and cannot seem to get past that.  I have seen people on facebook on level 101.  I guess I am not a strategy player.

College Shopping

The time has come and Cal is starting to shop colleges.  He was more certain about this path last year, than he is this year.  Unfortunately the college that he has talked about the most is the one that is very low on my list.

We also have to click here for car shipping if by some miracle he really gets his way and goes to school as far away from home as possible.  This kid is so much like me it is frightening.  When I was in school my major goal in life was to leave my hometown and never return.  While I am glad that I accomplished that task, I also realize how hurtful it was to my parents to say it over and over again.

I cannot believe it has been over a month

since I last blogged.  Honestly folks, I really do enjoy blogging the biggest problem is that there is so much in my life that I can't really blog about.  Most of my blogging material should come from my work but it would be inappropriate to blog about that and could get me in serious trouble.

My personal life is so boring that there are days I wonder why I even continue the blog.

On to a random post.  

Yesterday the weather finally warmed up to where you didn't need a snowsuit to be outside.  Today looks pretty much the same.  I have a few window decals that I need to put on Cal's car (he got them for Christmas).

As many of you know we live in a townhouse.  One that we rent and do not own.  The management is great around here but there are still things that slip through the cracks.  One of them is our kitchen range.  It is an electric range with the coils.  For years those coils have not sat flat on the stove so every time you cook your pan does not sit flat.  When we received our tax return we purchased a new electric range and while I have not used it much, I love it.

The best part of the transaction is that when the management found out that we bought our own stove they offered us a new dishwasher.  I think they know that we are a valuable tenant.  

The nice weather has me back on the buying a new bike kick.  Hopefully, by the time summer rolls around we will still have a little of the tax return left.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Breaking the Bank!

Several months ago the family purchased a "new to us" car.  Since Cal is now driving age and working,  it was becoming impossible to juggle everyone's schedule.  Several times Cal or I found ourselves waiting for hours to be picked up from work.  That just doesn't work for me because I was not gifted with patience.

Now the cost of the car is not a big problem, it is the crazy insurance that we now have to pay on both vehicles because of a teenage boy.  This is insane.  It is more than the car payment.  It is so difficult to write that check each month knowing that I am not getting anything for my money.  We all know how insurance works.

I am going to start insurance shopping this week, I am going to see the rates at don allred insurance, to see how they compare to rates in my area.  I want to make sure that I have the coverage I need but I just cannot continue to pay more than the cost of the car!

Back in the day!

Back in the bad old days.  The days when God was looking out for me and I didn't even know it, I had a good friend that was crazy wild.  For many years I have been very concerned for her safety and wondered if she had even made it through the "old days".  Today I decided to search her name for the 20th time on Facebook and she just popped up.  Right there in the number one position.  Quickly sent her a friend request and we were catching up in minutes.

I know it sounds strange but that really settles my mind.

Married or Buried

One of my main tasks at my work is to schedule the facilities for different events.  Of course, our most common things are weddings and funerals.  Weddings are usually very high maintenance with tons of questions spread out over months.  Funerals are last minute with no time for questions.

The weddings are the ones that drive me insane with the most demanding situations.  We do not charge people to use our facility, as long as they are members.  You would not believe the requests we receive from people wanting to use our "free" facility.  I had someone several years ago ask if we would replace the carpet before their use.

Another strange request was for us to provide them with the wedding DJ david fox.  Now I understand he is awesome but seriously that does not come with the free facility.

A little extra money

I have a little extra taken out of my paycheck each week as a forced savings.  Then come tax time, we get a little extra back.  I am hoping to make a few purchases that always get pushed to the bottom of the list.  It has been a little over two years since I have purchased new glasses.  I am looking forward to browsing the new fashions, after all it has been two years.

My last order included a few pairs of plastic frame glasses.  While I do like them,  I prefer my eyeglasses with stainless frames better and I will probably stick with that style this time.

There are several items that are on my tax money list but the glasses will stay at the top.

Cha Ching

Today I just redeemed enough points to get Dante, Cal and I each a $25.00 gift card to our favorite restaurants.  I cannot tell you now much I love being a member of My Points.  This is NOT a paid post.  Honestly, what other program out there can you earn points as quickly and easily.  I didn't do a lot of on line buying this year for Christmas yet they still had enough point earning opportunities to make it worth my time and effort.  If you are not a member please consider joining under my umbrella that way we can both earn points.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


So in the next few months I am going to break down and buy a classic access keyboards at Musicians Friend.  You would think that he lost his best friend since we have sold the piano.  The funny thing is he never played the piano.

I don't think I ever realized how much walking away from a former marriage with nothing - just the clothes on his back - has affected him.  He worked for years to replace a record collection that he is NEVER looked at the records.  They sit in a box in the basement.

I don't mean this in a negative way, because I understand, but "things" have become very important to him. But it is just the possession.  Funny how those traumatic events can still have a hold on us years later.

I really notice this when we lost our house and had to downsize.  He could not let go of some pretty silly things.  In the meantime we were abandoning some pretty valuable items in order to make room for his things.

Feeling Valued

My work is starting to get interesting. Things have happened that have put me in a different position and a little more valuable in the head honchos eyes. Now I totally understand that you can go from the top of the pile to the bottom very quickly. It just feels good to be closer to the top than ever before. It most certainly has made things easier to deal with and I find myself getting angry and complaining less. Oh I still have stories to tell when I get home but most of the time they are said with a smile.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Can you hear me now?

Several months ago I took the plunge and got a cell phone.  Now I jumped in head first and bought a smartphone.  Yes the phone is smarter than me but honestly, that doesn't take much.

I have no idea how I survived without it.  Well, that might be a little strong but, I don't know how I was as efficient without it.

I have a few apps on there that have not only saved me time, effort, but money.  I am in love with the Cartwheel app by Target.  So far I have saved almost $50.00 using that app.  I just downloaded the Dunkin Donuts app the other day.  I love being able to pay with my phone and the extra discounts don't hurt.

Of course, the Bible app that I have is awesome but I do prefer to use the one on my Kindle, over this one, just because of the larger screen.

I am always on the lookout for apps that make my life a little easier or actually more fun.  The McD app (not to be confused with the McDonald's app) give you coupons for free items.  Who doesn't love free.

Unfortunately, I have not noticed any apps that would make my work any easier.  If I was in real estate the goconnect app looks like it would be a godsend.  I have not been able to find a good calendar app that I like.  Granted I really don't have a ton of items to add to a calendar.  If you don't use some of these they are sometimes harder to navigate.

All Work and No Play

Is starting to make me a little loopy.  Right now my day looks like this.  I arrive at work around 7:30 a.m., work until 3:00, head home for some dinner, work two to three hours on our own personal business, watch some TV and off to bed to repeat the process.

There was a time when we would actually leave the house.  You know,  go to Boston.  Go see a movie (just Cal and I), or walk around the mall.  I think a lot has to do with the fact that Cal doesn't want to be seen with us anymore and then there is the factor that we are (mostly the hubby) getting older.

Today I am going to see if I can motivate myself to go to the gym.  Unfortunately,  I have several hours of work before I can make it that far.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My responsibilities

I have several strange responsibilities at work and one of them is shopping for odd items.  Items that are related to the facilities.  For over a week I have been looking for sink stoppers to go in our science lab.  I cannot find the silly things anywhere.  The bad part is that I have the old ones in a ziploc bag on my desk and they are gross.  I really have to find these so that I can throw the old ones out.

I also have to look for things where I don't even know where to start.  Odd knobs and buttons.  I have been able to find many things from Reid, but sometimes it is like finding a needle in a haystack.  The internet is definitely my friend but, when you don't even have a starting point it makes it more difficult.  Do you know how many search returns you get when you type in "little round thingamajig"?


Isn't it funny,  some change we really look forward to while other we dread.  It all depends on the circumstances and how we think that change will affect us.  I have some changes coming up and while I have a fear of the unknown, I am also very excited at the potential.

When we first moved to Nashua close to sixteen years ago, we told ourselves that if we could not be happy here then we really had to look deep inside to find the real reason we were not happy.  It took several years but,  we did realize - that in fact - we were a little happier but not at the level we had hoped.

It has officially been four years that we have lived in our new location and while we are still not at the extreme level of happiness that we all dream about, I must confess I am the most content that I have been in my entire life.  It has a lot to do with the fact that I am reading my bible more regularly than ever before and trying to keep my eyes on Him.


Saturday, January 11, 2014


Since spending the holidays with my mom,  I have been thinking about my childhood more than normal.  It is mostly good.  I know that I had a childhood that was not what most would consider positive but, honestly what does that matter now.  I do NOT dwell on things like that at all.  (Unlike other people) I do NOT live in the past.

One thing that I have thought about a lot is my mom's Mother's Ring.  It was simple and I love it.  I always waned to have several kids just so I could get an awesome Mother's Ring of my own.  Unfortunately, with only one child there would not be many stones in that ring.  I do have the option of Reeds birthstone jewelry, and several years ago Dante did purchase me a birthstone ring.  My mom also gave me her class ring from high school when I expressed my love for it.

Weird I know

I am sorry if you think that I am weird but, I love the new Old Spice commercials.  I saw it for the first time watching football last Sunday.  Since then one of my friends gave me the youtube link that includes a "bowling version"  That is my favorite so far.  Now some people think they are creepy, and I must confess that there is nothing creepier than saying "my sexy son".